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Here are some frequently asked questions and tips to help you for your next event.

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Q. "We'd like to book your services. Is there a deposit you require?"

A. For our DJ services, 50% deposit is required to secure our services along with a signed contract via Adobe SIgn. As long as you have a smart phone, iPad or tablet, completing your electronic document will be simple.

Photography services payments are broken down to a 40% deposit, 40% payment due 14 days before your wedding day and the 20% balance due at the time of receipt of your edited photos and/or products.


Q." What are your payment terms?"

A. Email money transfer is preferred.


Q. "When do we meet before our wedding day?"

A. We generally meet 14 days before your wedding day to discuss your wedding itinerary and music selection. Music PLAY list(s) are generally due 7 days before your event date.


Q. "When do we meet our assigned DJ for our event?"

A. Between 7-14 days before your wedding. Initial consultation and planning is done with team lead Ian Liwanag. Once your event itinerary is finalized, Ian will connect you and your DJ for a meeting via in-person, phone, Skype or Facetime.


Q. "Do you have sample music or videos of you or your DJs?"

A. At the moment we don't. We are working on some new ideas to get this media to our clients. For now, I trust my team. They are experienced professionals.


Q. "We're looking forward in having you on our wedding day, what are our next steps?"

A. We will share with you some "real" client itineraries (client names and personal information removed) for you to be inspired and to make your own. Edit, add, remove and delete as needed. You'll be able to step back and see how your wedding day/event will unfold. Mark your calendar to meet with us 14 days before your event date.


Q. "There are some songs we would not like to have played at our event, may we give you a DO NOT PLAY list?"

A. Of course! Your event includes "YOU". If your guests do request a song that is on your list, we will let them know it has chosen not to be played. If your guest is really excited about the song title, we'll ask your permission for the official "thumbs up!". The energy on the dance floor can never be predetermined.


Q. "Will you MC our wedding?"

A. If we are DJing your wedding, we will do "LITE" MCing. Introduction of the bridal party (first names only), house rules, speeches, etc. If you would like someone from our team to only MC your wedding, additional charges apply and deemed a separate service. Though there are other professional MCs within our industry, if you're looking for a general MC, we suggest a friend, someone who speaks well, energetic, fun, someone maybe 50% of your guests know and can relate to.


Q. "Will our DJ take music requests?"

A. Within the music library of our DJs, we will take requests from your guests. If we don't have the song, perhaps another song from the artist or similar genre. We do encourage a method to connect with your guests to make requests before the event. This may include a music request card within your invitation or a page within your wedding website. Requests should be shared with us 7 days before the event date.


Q. "How do you do both DJ and Photography?"

A. My trusted team will DJ and I will look after Photography. I don't do both.


TIP. "A family that stays together, enjoys together!" Have your dance floor and bar in the same room. We don't encourage separation amongst your guests.

TIP. We hope you've been to one wedding so far. As you may be inspired by others and their wedding, know that there no wedding police. There are some things you have to and don't have to do. This is your event. This is your day. Have it the way you want it!

TIP. Ensure your NAME and EVENT DATE is ALWAYS in the subject heading of your email communications with us.

TIP. Our team of DJs are experienced professionals. We do not specialize in one ethnic background or specific genre. We will take your requests and orchestrate a good flow of music for all your guests for your event. If there is a specific ethnic background that requires more attention, we may suggest another DJ company experienced.

TIP. Try to keep all information for all vendors within the itinerary.

TIP. Ensure ALL vendors get a copy of the itinerary including the venue's room captain.

TIP. Within your wedding itinerary, please include the following (if applicable)

  • Times and locations for your vendors including addresses
  • Photography shot list for Groom, Bride, Ceremony, Family portraits, etc
  • Preferred music genre as guests arrive for your wedding ceremony
  • Processional song title and artist (as the bridal party walks up the isle. This may include a separate song for the bride)
  • Signing song title and artist (when signing the Registry and Marriage license)
  • Recessional song title and artist (as the bridal party leaves the Ceremony)
  • Preferred music for Cocktails
  • Who is your MC?
  • Grand Entrance song title and artist
  • First dance song title and artist
  • Cake cutting song title and artist
  • Who will be addressing prayer before meals
  • Place speeches between meals (if sit down dinner), all speeches can follow each other if a cocktail style reception
  • Father/Daughter song title and artist
  • Mother/Son song title and artist
  • Bouquet Toss song title and artist
  • Garter Removal song title and artist
  • Garter throwing song title and artist

TIP. Safety of the Money Gift box. Assign a groomsman/bridesmaid to lock securely away before the grand entrance starts.