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There really is a rice planting ceremony!

May 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Philippines 2018

Grace and I thankful to have been asked by Ate (meaning older "sister" in Tagalog) Wilma to join her family for a ceremonial rice planting ceremony! Who knew there was such a thing?

Short ride from the main road, short ride on a dirt road, and finally a 20 minute walk on a path shared by the community and even Carabao, cattle and live stock.

Pastor Nev described the process of the ceremony. Someone paying a guitar and someone singing. To the melody, the farmers will till the ground to make way for the farmers walking behind to put seeds into the ground. All in unison. Can you envision this? I did. BUT once we arrived, it was not what I expected. Have a look at the video :)

Rice Planting with the Alarcon Family

So if you've never heard of "Budots", which was the music the farmers and families were tilling to, it is electronic filipino music sweeping the country and has been for quite some time. I feel it's a kind of electronic twerking. Canada are you ready for Budots?

Thank you to the Alarcon family for letting us be a part of this amazing cultural ceremony! What a beautiful backdrop to mother nature right in your backyard! Please save us a sac of this special rice! I hope to try it when we return. Many blessings to you and your family!

Please be conscious of your serving and waste of rice. With the time and labour involved, which is approximately 4 months, there is a lot of love put into what is at your family table. Thanks!



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